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Full service

We at Nordmed Tour are going to become your reliable companion and organizer of your medical trip to Latvia, whether it is gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy surgery, orthopedics or medical rehabilitation! We are your way to the best Latvian doctors!

Skilled physicians

Historically, Latvia has always been known as a country of educated and skilled medical professionals. Today, after twenty years of independence, we know, our physicians are appreciated and welcomed all over the world.

Today our doctors are also trained in Western best practices. And worlds recent technologies are used to provide the best possible results of medical treatment.

Affordable prices

Quality of treatment, service and facilities have already reached and surpassed the “old” European levels, but our prices have not yet reached them.

No language barrier

To meet our international patient needs, healthcare providers offer service in Latvian, Russian, English. We speak also Swedish for our Swedish customer convenience.

Feel like on a little vacation

Latvia is such a beautiful country! We are always proud to show some of the most beautiful places of it. History, nature, architecture, culture. These are things we are proud of. We are taking care of our patients and their needs during their entire stay in Latvia, so, no daily worries!

To introduce yourself with our medical treatment options, we invite you to proceed to the section SERVICES! And you are always welcome to ask us!

Sincerely yours,

Mrs.Ilva Urbanovica, Nordmed Tour