28/05/2015 Gastric bypass and sleeve EUR 5700

We announce hot summer discount prices for gastric bypass and gastric sleeve surgeries in June and August!
Discount – 750 EUR.
 The price includes:
- meet&greet and transfers
- pre-operation examinations & consultations
- surgery
- recovery & check-up & consultations
Please contact ilva@nordmedtour.com for more information!

05/09/2014 The Guardian: Can we solve Britain’s obesity crisis with gastric surgery? It worked for me

By Emma Burnell, The Guardian, Wednesday 3 September 2014

26/08/2014 Development of health tourism in Sigulda

September 14. The Sigulda Hospital will host a conference to discuss the successful development of health tourism in Sigulda.

The most popular treatment for patients from abroad in Sigulda is weight loss surgery – gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy (gastric sleeve) performed at The Sigulda Hospital. The 500th weight loss surgery patient from Norway will be operated this September.

The other absolutely world top class product in Sigulda is an artificial eye laboratory “Valters’ Prosthetic Laboratory” Ltd, that attracts patients from the whole world for its high quality cryolite glass prosthesis. Nordmed Tour customer service to the artificial eye laboratory is also available.

Another innovative and necessary treatment will be offered soon in Sigulda. Information to be continued.


17/04/2014 Crazy sales

Save even more by coming for private gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy surgery for only EUR 5990(Save EUR 460!)

This is an exclusive possibility to get the surgery performed by leading Latvian bariatric surgeons at unbelievably low cost!

Note – apply for gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy surgery from April 18-30 and get the surgery at a discount price for the surgery in May or June 2014!*

Step by step:

  1. Send us your enquiry
  2. Complete a questionnaire
  3. Have a Skype consultation with a surgeon
  4. Get a contract
  5. Only a two-hour flight and we will meet you in Riga!

*5 surgeries at the discount price available each month

Read more about what’s included, the hospital and surgeons here!

Send your enquiry!

11/02/2014 Treatment of excessive sweating

The Sigulda hospital and thoracic surgeon dr.Ainis Pirtnieks have agreed on cooperation in treating people with a problem of excessive sweating in palms, armpits, face and also face blushing.

Excessive sweating is a huge problem for many people. Sweating palms is a really interfering thing if you work in sales or as a manager, or anywhere, you have to meet people all the time.

Thank to deep research doctors today can help to solve the problem. Read more about the procedure and treatment options here!

04/02/2014 Sleeve gastrectomy at the Sigulda hospital

Due to more and more inquiries for sleeve gastrectomy surgery, we have included it in our daily weight – loss surgery offer.

Find more information here!

11/11/2013 Enjoy movement after your orthopedic surgery!

Those, who have passed any kind of joint replacement surgery, know how important is to have rehabilitation after the surgery. The new joint asks additional attention, care and knowledge to give it a possibility to work for you as you and your surgeon expected.

We have made a wonderful package for orthopedic surgery patients. It includes surgery and also 10 days of specifically for you designed rehabilitation program. Read more about the offer here!

31/10/2013 Latvia – a top travel destination by British media

Latvia is becoming a more and more beloved tourism destination for those who are looking for clean nature (eco-tourism), fresh air, delicious food and those who want to improve their health whether in several SPA and relaxation centers or having more serious medical procedures like weight-loss surgery, orthopedics, eye or dental treatment.

Latvia is also preparing to many significant events in close future -

  • Riga (in cooperation with Sigulda) – European Capital of Culture 2014
  • Latvia – EU presiding country – the first half of 2015
  • Sigulda – host of the Words Cup in Luge 2015

Recently Latvia has earned a big British media attention.

Lonely Planets Best in Travel 2014 Top cities – Riga – the 4th

Latvia – the most beautiful country in the world by Dailymail.co.uk

Autmn travel destination nr.1 – Latvia, Sigulda – by The Guardian 

Welcome to Latvia!

03/09/2013 Recovery program for Nordmed Tours’ Swedish customers

It is not a secret, weight loss itself as well as recovery after weight loss surgery asks additional concentration and psychological stability. And it is great if a person can have some support from outside.

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26/04/2013 Eased visa procedure for medical tourists to Latvia

We gladly inform that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Republic of Latvia has reviewed the possibility of further easing of visa issuance for tourists who come to Latvia to receive medical treatment. Concluding that the medical tourists has so far not led to any significant threat to national security, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in collaboration with the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs and the Latvian border guards have decided that the invitation can be made by Medical Institution, the traveller has contacted. Applying for visa, the medical tourist has to show the Invitation letter – original, sent by post, or a copy from official email address of the Medical Institution. Continue reading