Valter’s Prosthetic Laboratory Ltd is the only ocular prosthetics company in the Baltics with long-lasting experience in the field and highly qualified specialists, who have acquired their knowledge and skills in Germany, Russia, Great Britain and the United States. Thanks to the stable values and continuous improvement Valters’ Prosthetic Laboratory is with its patients since 1991, i.e., for two decades already!

Certified specialists of Valters’ Prosthetic Laboratory Ltd produce make different types of individual glass and synthetic ocular prosthesis, collection eye prosthesis and ecto prosthesis from the highest quality materials made in Germany, Canada and the United States. These prostheses ensure excellent cosmetic appearance and maximum functionality and they allow the person to fit in the society completely.

The proficiency of the most distinguished specialists, quality ensured by the most recent technologies and warm-hearted service attitude of staff will assure you that considerable improvement of patients’