Conversion surgery

If your Gastric band or even maybe gastric sleeve surgery did not work as well as you were expecting and you did not succeed in weight loss, there still can be another option for you – conversion surgery to Gastric bypass.

Of course, every single situation has to be reviewed carefully to be absolutely sure for positive outcome of the surgery!

We recommend applying for free initial consultation with our bariatric surgeons to discuss the possibility of the surgery.

The price includes:

  • documentation,
  • meet&greet and transfers,
  • pre-op health tests,
  • hospital services – operation, pre and post operative consultations with a surgeon, accommodation, daily nurse care,
  • recovery after the surgery 4-5 days in the hospital,
  • statement from the hospital,
  • consultations and advise for continuos lifestyle, diet, follow up,
  • consultation possibility after going back home.

*The price does not include travel expenses.