Weight loss surgery – tool for a better life!

We will be your trustful guide and friend going through Gastric bypass or Sleeve gastrectomy surgery at the leading Bariatric Surgery Hospital of Latvia.

Operations are performed by experienced and GMC registered surgeons Dr.Olegs Kozlovskis and Dr.Juris Zarinovs.

All necessary health examinations, English speaking assistance and transfer are included. The trip takes 6-7 days.

Bariatric surgeon provides consultations on Skype or telephone.

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The price includes:

  • Consultation
  • Meet& greet at the Riga Airport
  • Transfers & personal English speaking assistance
  • 1st night hotel accommodation
  • Pre-operation health tests (including gastroscopy)
  • Surgery by certified, skilled bariatric surgeons (also UK GMC registered)
  • Stay at cozy, equipped and MRSA free clinic
  • EUR 70 000 medical treatment Insurance guarantee
  • Instructions for continuos lifestyle and follow up
  • Post operation consultation possibility

Is the weight loss surgery for you?

If your Body Mass Index (BMI) is:

  • over 33 and you suffer from diabetes type II
  • over 35, and you have other health disorders caused by obesity
  • over 40 and you do not have any other complaints,

you can consider to improve your health with the surgery.

Additional overweight and obesity treatments at The Sigulda Hospital: Rehabilitation after weight loss surgery

Overweight and obesity has become one of the top health issues in the world. With a poor self-assessment it brings more serious problems with it. Diabetes, high blood pressure, blood and arterial diseases, joint diseases, sleep apnea and social problems are common side effects of obesity.

Many years studies and experience have approved that conservative weight-loss methods do not work in long term for many people. Nowadays they also have a choice – a surgical weight-loss! It guarantees a permanent weight-loss which means – a better health, look, self-assessment, no limits to your profession and hobbies.