The Hospital

The leading Gastric Bypass and Sleeve Gastrectomy hospital in Latvia

The Sigulda Hospital today is the leading bariatric surgery provider in Latvia. Certified and skilled bariatric surgeons perform gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy operations  for local patients as well as clients from Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, Ireland and other countries.

Average bariatric surgery rates at the Sigulda Hospital:

  • Mortality rate  = 0
  • Complication rate = 1,7 %
  • Hospital infection rate = 0

Hospital with history

Founded in 1950, the hospital today is among the most modern medical institutions in Latvia. The hospital has separate departments for elective surgery (also intensive care), rehabilitation & therapy, diagnostics, as well as an ambulatory care center and a maternity ward.

No hospital infections

The Sigulda hospital provides only elective surgery. No emergency patients from the street are coming for surgical treatment here. This as well as a very high sanitary quality helps to avoid completely hospital infections, you can meet in almost every public hospital whether it is in The UK, Ireland or Sweden. This is a serious issue all over the world.

Hospital infection rate in the Sigulda hospital = 0

Everything for patient comfort

Not being a big hospital it offers a calm and recovery-friendly atmosphere to its clients. Hospitals’ single and double rooms are made to make patient feel like home. There is a TV, computer and wi-fi available in all rooms.

Recovery friendly atmosphere

The Sigulda Hospital is located in Sigulda, just an hour’s drive from Riga International Airport. Sigulda is a center for sports, tourism, and recreation, and attracts visitors year-round with its great natural beauty. We will be glad to show a little of this beauty also to you!

Certification: Republic of Latvia, Ministry of Health, Certificate S-82-A-2. Issued 24.11.2008.