Can I have a consultation with a doctor before coming to Latvia?

Yes, we practice arranging virtual Skype consultations with a doctor!

Is somebody going to meet me at the Riga airport?

Yes, you do not have to worry about anything after leaving the airplane! We will take care of you during all your stay in Latvia!

Where is the hospital?

The Riga Regional Hospital (or Sigulda Hospital) is located in Sigulda – a beautiful city, close to nature, 1 hours drive (50km) from Riga, the capital.

How many days should I plan for the whole treatment?

You should plan 7-8 days for the whole trip.

When can I return back to work?

Doctors recommend having 2-3 weeks free after the surgery. However, if you feel good, you can start working earlier. Not a physical work. It is recommended to take at least 6-8 weeks break before going back to physically demanding work.

Can you describe a schedule after my arrival?

The 1st day you arrive, have some tour in Riga and Sigulda. Accommodation in hotel in Sigulda.

The 2nd day – the hospital. Consultations with a doctor, health tests (if you choose passing them here), meeting with anesthetic.

The 3rd day – your surgery (if there were no unexpected things in your test results).

Day 4-7 your recovery – sleeping, drinking, walking in the hospital under a supervision of the doctor and nurses.

May I come with a friend or family member?

Yes. It costs additional EUR 250,00 for person’s stay and catering, all days.

Should I have a diet before the surgery?

Depends on your BMI, but yes, a diet before the surgery will make it easier both for you and for your surgeon. A 2-3 week diet will shrink your liver, decrease the inner body fat and will make you ready for your new diet after the surgery.

Doctors usually recommend high protein, low fat, low sugar diet.

Should I stop taking my regular medication before the surgery?

Doctors review every specific case and will consult you about use of your medication.

What kind of health tests do I need to pass before the surgery?

There is a list of necessary health tests, we will send to you via email. You can choose passing them home or here, in the hospital. It costs EUR 250,00 to pass tests here.

Will I be refunded, if something wrong is found in my test results and I can not qualify for the operation?

Yes. It is very rare, but if such a thing happen, we will pay all your money back, except the amount, spent for tests and accommodation.

Is it safe to go for surgery to Latvia?

Yes, surgery in Latvia is as safe as possible in any developed Western EU country. Our doctors are highly trained and have practiced also in other Western countries like Germany, UK, France. We use the same recent equipment and technologies!

How long does the surgery last?

The surgery lasts 1–1,5 h in average, but can last longer in some specific cases.

What happens, if there is any complication after the surgery?

The surgery techniques are developed today and complications are extremely rare. Early  complication (like leakage) will be treated immediately at the hospital’s cost. Later complications are very rare. However, the surgeon will explain all possible situations to you during your 1st meeting.

Will I be informed about continuos life style?

Yes, the doctor will instruct you about everything. You will get also written recommendations. You can always ask us also after going back home!

Does any Insurance cover the surgery or complication risk?

Unfortunately Insurance companies usually does not cover weight-loss surgery as a treatment. But there are Insurance policies available in UK and USA for Medical Travel. They cover risks from baggage loss to life-time complications.

All Riga Regional Hospital doctors have medical treatment Insurance guarantee, EUR 70 000,00.

What should I take with me going for the surgery?

1) Positive thinking, 2) your documents, 3) your personal toiletries, 4) slippers and some clothes to change, 5) something to read, write, listen.

What are the most important things to follow after the surgery to be successful in weigh-loss?

1) Follow your doctor’s instructions, 2) follow your diet and do not cheat with calories – do not take sweets, flavored drinks, high calorie products, 3) drink water, 4) plan at least 20 minutes every day for exercise.

What are your conditions for payment?

We accept bank payments. We do not accept credit cards. The payment should be done 2 weeks before the surgery date. You will read all payment conditions in your agreement.

Can I have a surgery with BMI under 35?

Only if you suffer from Diabetes type II, the surgery can be performed from BMI 33.

Can I have a surgery with BMI over 50?

We offer a consultation with our dietician to develop a personal diet plan to follow for at least one month to reduce your body fat. Then surgeon will evaluate weight-loss success and risks before performing the surgery.

May I drive a car going home from the airport?

Yes, you can drive a car home from the airport (do not take a trip!).

Can I contact somebody, if I will have some problems or questions after I am back home?

Yes, we will be there for you all the time. You can send your questions via email and doctor will answer. You can call directly or we can arrange a Skype meeting with your doctor!

Do you offer a follow-up after the surgery?

Usually patients choose to pass follow-up blood tests at home with their own GP. But if patient finds it convenient, we can offer a follow-up program here, in Latvia.

What languages the staff is speaking?

The stuff is speaking Latvian, Russian and English.

But we can also provide clients with specific language translation services, like Scandinavian languages, French, for the most important meetings with a doctor and anesthetic.

Do you have Internet in the hospital?

Yes, there is a Wi-Fi in the hospital. There is also a computer in every room.