ORTO clinic is a certified outpatient and inpatient health care clinic in Latvia, which has been operating since 2008. During these years, ORTO clinic has consulted over 40 000 patients, and about 7 000 operations have been performed. Their long-standing cooperation partners are the Latvian Olympic Team and Latvia’s top professional sports clubs. The clinic manages the training of students from the higher schools of Latvia and residents as well as continuing education of doctors from Latvia and Eastern Europe.

Specialists of Orto clinic have recently moved to a new, modern and equipped building and offer a first class quality, safety and comfort to their patients.


The Sigulda Hospital. The hospital is located in Sigulda, just an hour’s drive from Riga International Airport. Sigulda is a center for sports, tourism, and recreation, and attracts visitors year-round with its great natural beauty.

Hospitals’ cozy & comfortable rooms and friendly & professional medical staff makes a perfect atmosphere for recovery. Meal service, televisions with international channels, computer and wireless internet are available for all patients.