Rehabilitation after a stroke

A stroke can cause more or less serious and lasting brain damage. Timely rehabilitation is absolutely necessary for people who survive a stroke and  need to relearn daily skills they have lost.

There are several types of disabilities, stroke can cause:

  • Paralysis or movement restrictions
  • Problems using or understanding speech
  • Memory loss and thinking difficulties
  • Pain, problems with the senses and emotional instability

Nordmed Tour in cooperation with the Sigulda hospital rehabilitation department team of professionals offers an intensive and effective rehabilitation program for patients after a stroke using latest technologies and methods.

Recommended rehabilitation start up time: 2-3 weeks after a stroke

Duration of program: 2 or 3 weeks

Program includes:

  • Pick-up and transfers,
  • Accommodation and catering 3x a day,
  • Personal doctor and supervision,
  • Daily assistance of nurse,
  • 5 procedures of rehabilitation per day (6 days per week, excluding Sundays).

Rehabilitation procedures:

1. Individual training with specialist – 1-2x per day. Gym, exercise, pool.

2. Biofeedback – professional and effective multifunctional electro stimulation and diagnostics,

3. Physical therapy – bath, shower, massages, sludge applications and other,

4. Occupational therapy and art-therapy – individual trainings,

5. Speech therapy and music therapy – individual trainings.


14 days 21 day
Patient EUR 2790 EUR 3590
Accompanying person EUR 504 EUR 756