Rehabilitation after weight-loss surgery

When obese, your body was forced to carry a lot of extra weight. Your joints, back and legs may be tired and needs extra attention in your new life.

Losing excess weight, the skin loses tone and it turns out that you have a lot more of it than you would need for your new body.

Back on track after a rapid weight loss

Sigulda Hospital Rehabilitation Department professionals have developed a special rehabilitation program for people after weight-loss surgery using the latest and most effective methods of rehabilitation.

The purpose of this rehabilitation program is to improve the health of your body, skin tone and fix problems in joints, muscles, back and neck. That could also help to avoid a cosmetic surgery in the future.

Rehabilitation program includes

  • Pick up, transfer and personal assistance,
  • Accommodation and catering 3 times a day,
  • Doctor consultations and supervision,
  • Nurse daily care,
  • Specific rehabilitation – 5 procedures each day (6 days per week, excluding Sundays),

Program duration: 2 – 3 weeks.
Program start-up time: preferably 3-4 months after weight-loss surgery.

Rehabilitation methods

1. Physical therapy – EMS, ultrasound therapy, biofeedback and other.

2. Hydrotherapy - pool, bath, showers.

3. Exercise therapy – several kinds of aerobics and exercise.

4. Behavioral therapy – dance therapy, relaxation exercises and other.

5. Other procedures - massages, sling therapy, acupuncture and other.


14 days 21 day
Patient EUR 2790 EUR 3590
Accompanying person EUR 504 EUR 756

Rehabilitation/Relaxation procedures for accompanying person (massages, water procedures etc) – due to the price list of the Sigulda Hospital Rehabilitation Department.

Relaxing environment in Sigulda

The rehabilitation program can be supplemented with open air activities and walking in Sigulda. Sigulda is one of the most beautiful towns in Latvia and provides its visitors with plenty of outdoor activities and picturesque scenery all year long.

We introduce our customers to all possibilities for leisure and rest in Sigulda. There are nice walking areas, Ferris wheel, Sigulda’ s Adventure Park with rodel (tobogganing) track and a chair lift for panorama view, Catapult, Tarzan adventure track, flying in Aerodium Air Tunnel, flights with an air balloon, bungee jumping, bobsled and many other things. Sigulda offers also a great historical review and as a part of Gauja National Park, Sigulda harbors several interesting nature objects.