The Hospital

Convenient location

Nordmed Tour’s collaboration partner for medical rehabilitation is the Riga Regional Hospital (Sigulda Hospital). The hospital is located in Sigulda, just an hour’s drive from Riga International Airport. Sigulda is a center for sports, tourism, and recreation, and attracts visitors year-round with its great natural beauty.

Hospital with history

Founded in 1950, the hospital today is among the most modern medical institutions in Latvia. The hospital has separate departments for surgery, rehabilitation, therapy, and diagnostics, as well as an ambulatory care center and a maternity ward.

International experience

The hospital works successfully in the medical travel sector, offering bariatric and orthopedic operations as well as rehabilitation for international patients. Patients from Scandinavia, United Kingdom, Ireland, Russia and other countries have evaluated quality services of Sigulda hospital medical personnel.

To provide the treatment using recent technologies in medicine, specialists of The Sigulda Hospital take part in International Experience Exchange programs, congresses, conferences, and studies.

Developed rehabilitation services

The new Rehabilitation Department was opened in 2009.  Trained and certified physiotherapists, rehabilitologists, occupational therapists, thermal specialists, physical therapists and audio & speach therapists will develop your own rehabilitation program specific to your needs and possibilities. Balanced and coordinated team work using recent methods and technologies makes the rehabilitation program as effective as possible.

All for patient needs

During the rehabilitation program patients stay at the hospital’s sunny and spacious single or double rooms. Free wi-fi, TV with international channels and a fridge are available in every room. Catering 3x per day.

To find out more about rehabilitation possibilities at the Sigulda Hospital Rehabilitation department, you are welcome to visit the sector Rehabilitation programs!