Thoracic Sympathectomy

Effective hyperhidrosis treatment

Thoracic Sympathectomy (video assisted) is a surgical method of treatment of excessive sweating, called also hyperhidrosis. The method is performed usually to treat excessive sweating of palms, feet, face and armpits.

We provide surgical treatment of excessive sweating at the Sigulda hospital, Latvia, performed by thoracic surgeon Ainis Pirtnieks.

The 3-4 day package price is EUR 2500.

The price includes:

  • meet & greet, transfers, personal assistance
  • consultation and pre-op health tests
  • the surgery and recovery in the hospital
  • transfer to the airport
  • consultation possibility with the doctor using Skype or telephone

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Accurate diagnosis

Hyperhidrosis surgery benefits only people with excessive sweating from problems with the sympathetic nervous system. Every situation must be evaluated by the doctor separately as there can be another reasons for excessive sweating like a disease of the thyroid gland, for example.

Thoracic Sympatectomy surgery

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia. During the operation surgeon makes two tiny (1cm/o.4 inch) incisions under armpits.

To move the lung away from the operative area surgeon inserts carbon dioxide into the chest cavity. Then using a fiber-optic camera and specific instruments the surgeon locates the sympathetic chain, responsible for signaling the sweat glands. Depending on patients problem the surgeon removes a specific sympathetic ganglion that is responsible for sweating in exact area.


Studies and surveys shows that about 94% of persons experienced the surgery are satisfied with results.  There is some rate of recurrence in every specific area of excessive sweating. The surgeon will inform you about those rates.

Risks and side effects

The risks of the surgery are very low and usually are easily treated taking only a couple more days in the hospital.


  • Pneumothorax. A small amount of air may remain after the procedure in the chest cavity. Usually it reabsorbs on its own and there is no need for additional treatment.
  • Horner’s Syndrome. Extremely rare complication – a droopy eyelid syndrome, caused by damage to the upper ganglion. Additional plastic surgery procedure blepharoplasty corrects a droopy eye very well.
  • Excessive bleeding that is easily controlled by the surgeon.

You will discuss risks with your surgeon before making a decision about the surgery.

Side effects:

  • Compensatory sweating. This means that other parts of the body may experience more sweating than usual (trunk or thighs). Compensatory sweating is more frequent after correcting armpit sweating.
  • Gustatory sweating. Increased sweating during smelling or eating spicy, sour or foods with strong odor. This a rare side effect.

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