Treatment with CyberKnife M6®


CyberKnife M6® – treatment of cancer and benign tumours in various parts of body without a surgical intervention.

Stereotactic Radiosurgery Center Sigulda

CyberKnife® technology is a high precision modern technology, especially suitable for treatment of tumours that are located in hard to access locations, for example, brain and spinal cord, moving organs, and elsewhere.

The CyberKnife M6® radiosurgery equipment at SRC Sigulda is the latest model in the CyberKnife® equipment series. It differs from previous models with its many options for modifications. The M6 model ensures the widest range of possibilities for adapting the form of the radiation field.

SRC Sigulda specialists:

  • Dr. Dace Saukuma, radiologist therapist
  • Dr. Maris Mezeckis, radiologist therapist

Benefits of CyberKnife® Technology

  • treats also inoperable tumours
  • painless procedure
  • healthy tissues are maintained
  • practically no complications
  • out-patient procedure, no hospital stay needed
  • no need for a long rehabilitation after the procedure
  • one can return to normal daily life immediately

Cost of CyberKnife treatment at the Stereotactic Radiosurgery Center Sigulda varies and depends on patient needs, but overall it is between 7500 EUR and 15 000 EUR.

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