Gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy surgery at the leading bariatric hospital of Latvia

Skilled surgeons, personal approach, no waiting lines, half price, calm and safe environment. Two hours in airplane and you are with us in Riga to begin your ‘new life’!

For your and our safety and peace of mind we have included also pre-operation health tests in the package.

Cost of the weight-loss surgery at the Sigulda Hospital is EUR 6450 and you should plan to spend 6-7 days with us.

Our surgeons Dr.Kozlovskis and Dr.Zarinovs have performed close to 2000 weight-loss surgeries, and, what is important – there are no hospital infections at the Sigulda Hospital.

An accompanying person is also welcome to stay with you in the hospital!

Please leave your message for us or apply for a free and private online consultation with a surgeon!

Our customers often say, that was their best investment, they have ever made! We truly believe in that!

How can I get to the weight-loss surgery at the Sigulda Hospital?

  • Please leave your message for us! We will contact you as soon as we get it!
  • You will be kindly asked to complete a personal questionnaire for the surgeon.
  • Next you are going to receive surgeon’s recommendations for the best of surgeries for you.
  • You will choose a date and receive your personal treatment plan.
  • We are going to agree on your flight details.
  • An agreement and invoice are going to be prepared for you.
  • We are going to meet you at the Riga airport and bring you everywhere as planned, so, you can only think about your personal feelings and planned surgery!

The price includes:

  • Consultation (written or online)
  • Meet& greet at the Riga Airport
  • Ground transportation & personal English speaking assistance
  • 1st night hotel accommodation, if necessary
  • Pre-operation health tests (blood, urine, ECG, USG, lung Xray, gastroscopy)
  • Surgery by certified, skilled bariatric surgeons (also UK GMC registered)
  • Intensive care
  • Stay at cozy, equipped and MRSA free clinic
  • Instructions for continuous lifestyle and follow up
  • Post operation consultation possibility

Is bariatric surgery for you?

If your –

  • BMI is over 33 and you suffer from diabetes type II
  • BMI is over 35, and you have additional health disorders caused by obesity
  • BMI is over 40,

the weight-loss surgery could be a perfect tool for your future health and life!

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Overweight and obesity has become one of the top health issues in the world. With a poor self-assessment it brings more serious problems with it. Diabetes, high blood pressure, blood and arterial diseases, joint diseases, sleep apnea and social problems are common side effects of obesity.

Many years studies and experience have approved that conservative weight loss methods do not work in long term for many people. Nowadays they also have a choice – a surgical weight loss! It guarantees a permanent weight loss which means – a better health, look, self-assessment, no limits to your professional life and hobbies.

The Sigulda Hospital today is the leading bariatric surgery provider in Latvia. Certified and skilled bariatric surgeons perform gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy operations for locals as well as customers from Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, Ireland and other countries.