Gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy weight-loss surgery

You are welcome to our website! We are here for your needs – to help you reach your weight loss goals and prevent or improve diseases and health disorders that may be caused by obesity. Loosing excess weight will improve your self-esteem and will help you get back to active work and social life with beloved ones! And, of course, it will help to save your money that you spent on extra foods and medications! Please, feel free to contact us and ask your questions! We will be happy to answer you as soon as possible!


Gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy weight-loss surgery is considered the most effective tool in the world today for permanent weight loss with a purpose to improve person’s health, life quality and longevity.

Surgery at the leading bariatric hospital of Latvia

✓Expert bariatric team
✓Cozy, infection free hospital
✓Prompt scheduling
✓Reasonable pricing EUR 6450 EUR 5370 APPLY NOW!
✓Newest technologies
✓24/7 care
✓2000 satisfied customers
✓Follow up 2 years
✓Civil liability insurance

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Sigulda Hospital today is the leading bariatric surgery provider in Latvia with performed close to 2000 weight-loss surgeries. It makes our patients confident and sure for surgeons’ qualification and the best possible result.

Gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy operations are performed for local people as well as customers from Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, Ireland and other countries. We have already a long experience in work with customers from abroad, and we provide a tested and worked out programs for each customer’s needs.

Our bariatric surgeons regularly attend international bariatric congresses, experience exchange programs with other leading specialists in the area. That means they follow world’s latest trends in bariatric surgery, and our customers meet the most modern and effective surgery techniques.

Only world’s top manufacturer’s instruments, sutures and staplers from Johnson & Johnson, Ethicon and Covidien are used during bariatric surgeries. It helps our surgeons be sure about the quality and reach the best possible outcome of their performance. And the patient can be sure and feel safe about the quality and low risks of the surgery.

There are no hospital infections at the Sigulda Hospital. High sanitary standards and absence of emergency surgeries in the hospital, guarantees our patients safe and successful surgery and recovery after it.

All surgeries are recorded and stored in the archive of the hospital. The video would be an evidence in situation where the control of the surgeons work is necessary. This gives an additional safety to our customers.

Each surgery and surgeon is protected by a civil liability insurance of EUR 70 000. That means that all additional surgical interventions that have to be performed in Latvia in 6 months period after the surgery, if the surgeon is to blame about complications, would be covered by Insurance company.

At the end of the surgery, a contrast liquid is entered in the new gastro-intestinal system to be sure there is no leakage and everything works as expected. This helps to avoid early complication risks.

The hospital is located in Sigulda – one of the most beautiful towns of Latvia, in 1h drive from Riga. Scenic nature views, walking trails, city centre is in few minutes walk from the hospital, offering our customers a recovery friendly and stress-free atmosphere.

Is bariatric surgery for you?

The surgeon is going to evaluate your stability and eligibility for the operation from your questionnaire, medical history and conversation. But overall, if you have come to decision to improve the quality of your life, to change and maintain your habits and improve your health, and you need a help for a start, the weight-loss surgery could be a perfect tool for your future health and life!

Body Mass Index criteria for weight-loss surgery:

  • BMI is over 33 and you suffer from diabetes type II
  • BMI is over 35, and you have additional health disorders caused by obesity
  • BMI is over 40

Post-operation care and follow up

During your hospital stay, your surgeon is going to instruct you about –

  • the post-operation lifestyle, activity, potential risks and actions you should make in different situations,
  • you will receive also written instructions for continuous lifestyle and diet recommendations,
  • vitamin, mineral and other medication use recommendations and prescriptions,
  • statement from the hospital for your GP.

Today’s technologies let us keep in touch with you easily after the surgery to provide you consultations, comments, recommendations, view your blood tests etc, when ever you have a need.

What to expect after a weight-loss surgery

The significant weight loss after the surgery will make you feel better, will lead to having more energy and mobility and will let you experience an improved quality of life. You will feel happy to return back to more active life with your family and friends, work and your hobbies.

The weight-loss surgery improves or resolves more than 40 several conditions related to obesity – improves type 2 diabetes by 92 – 98%, reduces mortality from cancer by 60%, improves coronary artery disease by 56%, improves skeleto muscular diseases, sleep apnea, hypertension, hyperlipidemia. This will make you feel better physically, mentally and financially!

No doubt, there is also risk of complications after the surgery. Yau have to be informed there may occur early risks in the first days after the surgery. To maximally avoid them, we keep our international patients in the hospital under control and check-up of the surgeon and medical personnel 3-4 days after the surgery. You will be secure and controlled.

There might occur also later risks that are going to be explained to you during your first conversations with your surgeon, also the action plan in those situations is going to be explained. Risks are low and if you follow your doctor’s instructions and make regular check-ups and controls, more likely you will live happily ever after.

You can read more about risks here!

You will have to learn product values, make new habits and forget some of previous ones. We will provide you tips and information and we believe you will feel more comfortable in your life than before.

You will have to find or maintain the most pleasant and comfortable physical activities for you to keep your muscle strong.

Our customer reviews

gastric bypass patient before and after

I couldn’t be more pleased with my stay and treatment in Sigulda hospital. Nurses and staff were friendly and caring, always ready to help with a smile. My room was comfortable and clean. Doctor Kozlovskis was very competent and visited me often. I’ve also had a quick recovery that I am certain is due to the wonderful care, I was given in hospital. From a very happy customer in Sweden, Lawona

gastric bypass patient before and after

Living in Mainland Europe there is sometimes a stigma attached to developing countries such as the Baltic states, Poland etc…so although I had visited Latvia on a few occasions, I was a little bit nervous about having surgery abroad. However from the very first email, the fundamentals were explained with great detail and guidelines set out clearly for before and after. Upon arriving in Riga airport I was greeted by Ilva and made to feel comfortable, shown around Sigulda, and put up in a nice boutique hotel in the centre of the town. In the hospital everything was smooth and well explained, and the help from the medical staff and doctors was 10/10. The operation and after pain was nowhere near the same pain that I had read about…after 2 days I was walking around the town, and felt as if I was recovering already. The doctor provided me with updates and good, precise advice on what to eat and drink, and at what stage. This operation was only 3 months ago and has changed my life in a massive way. The best money I have ever spent! John, United Kingdom


Sharon, Ireland: “If you are reading this then you might know what it’s like to fight a war with yourself every hour of every day – and how exhausting it can be and so you tire and give in only to be faced with shame followed by an extra few pounds/kilos on the scale and then the war starts again the next day… I tried everything to combat my weight and for a few years I won the battles by becoming “healthy” and “fit”. I ran marathons, cycled to work, did everything “they” say to do but food/weight was always my enemy and my internal struggle was always there.

Eventually I just got tired, burnt out, and stopped fighting. No more exercise, no more diets and naturally my weight ballooned. I lost the battle. It took about a year for me to admit even to myself that I needed help – I can say that now – I needed help and so I got help.

I contacted Ilva in Nordmed and she was wonderful – as were all the staff – no question was unanswered and I was so well taken care of. Three months in, 15 kilos down, back in the gym, back to being me and for the first time in my life I feel that I might have the tools to win this war …. even if it took a little help…”

Read more of our customer reviews on the first page of our site!


We are happy to offer you a great value at a reasonable cost! The cost of the weight-loss surgery is starting from 5000 € (4450 £) depending on your needs. Each customers needs are special, so please contact us for your personal offer!

Our complete service includes:

  • Consultation (written or online)
  • Documentation (also visa support)
  • Meet& greet at the Riga Airport
  • Ground transportation & personal English speaking assistance
  • 1st night hotel accommodation, if necessary
  • Pre-operation health examinations (blood, urine, ECG, USG, chest Xray, gastroscopy under light anaesthesia)
  • Surgery by certified, skilled bariatric surgeons (also UK GMC registered)
  • Intensive care
  • Stay at cozy, equipped and MRSA free clinic
  • Instructions for continuous lifestyle and follow up
  • Post operation consultations and follow up

Our customers often say, that was their best investment, they have ever made! We truly believe in that!

Many people choose to come over together with a friend or family member. Your accompanying person is also welcome to stay with you in the hospital! It gives an additional safety feeling.

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Step by step

  • Please leave your message for us! We will contact you as soon as we get it!
  • You will be kindly asked to complete a personal questionnaire for the surgeon.
  • Next you are going to receive surgeon’s recommendations for the best of surgeries for you.
  • You will choose a date and receive your personal treatment plan.
  • We are going to agree on your flight details.
  • An agreement and invoice are going to be prepared for you.
  • We are going to meet you at the Riga airport and bring you everywhere as planned, so, you can only think about your personal feelings and planned surgery!

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