Sleeve gastrectomy surgery

During Gastric sleeve or Sleeve gastrectomy operation surgeon removes about 85% of the stomach, making it in a shape of tube or sleeve.

This operation also is performed laparoscopically by small incisions. The new sleeve-shaped stomach is closed with staples.

Advantages why choose Gastric Sleeve

  • There is no bypass of the small intestine made, so all nutrients are absorbed;
  • There is no foreign bodies left in patients stomach like after Lap Band surgery;
  • There is a less wound infection possibility than with Lap Band surgery.

Disadvantages of gastric sleeve operation

  • The operation is irreversible because the biggest part of stomach is removed permanently;
  • Big amount of staples, needed for stomach stapling, can cause leaking. Leaking fluids can cause health problems;
  • Pure weight-loss results – the new stomach can stretch out after a while and cause regain of already lost weight.

Please feel free to ask for a surgeon consultation to help you decide which type of surgery is the most suitable for you!