Sigulda Hospital


The leading bariatric surgery hospital of Latvia.

Founded in 1950, the hospital today is among the most modern medical institutions in Latvia. The hospital has separate departments for elective surgery (also intensive care), rehabilitation & therapy, diagnostics, as well as an ambulatory care centre and maternity ward. In 2015 a private, the only in the Baltic states, Stereotactic Radiosurgery Centre was opened as a part of the Sigulda Hospital for oncological diseases treatment with the latest CyberKnifeM6 technology.

Average bariatric surgery rates at the Sigulda Hospital:

  • Mortality rate = 0
  • Complication rate = 1,7 %
  • Hospital infection rate = 0

More about the weight-loss surgery at the Sigulda Hospital

High quality treatment

  • Sigulda Hospital today is the leading bariatric surgery provider in Latvia with performed close to 2000 weight-loss surgeries. It makes our patients confident and sure for surgeons’ qualification and the best possible result.
  • Gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy operations are performed for local people as well as customers from Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, Ireland and other countries. We have already a long experience in work with customers from abroad, and we provide a tested and worked out programs for each customer’s needs.
  • Our bariatric surgeons regularly attend international bariatric congresses, experience exchange programs with other leading specialists in the area. That means they follow world’s latest trends in bariatric surgery, and our customers meet the most modern and effective surgery techniques.
  • Only world’s top manufacturer’s instruments, sutures and staplers from Johnson & Johnson, Ethicon and Covidien are used during bariatric surgeries. It helps our surgeons be sure about the quality and reach the best possible outcome of their performance. And the patient can be sure and feel safe about the quality and low risks of the surgery.

Highest safety standards

  • There are no hospital infections at the Sigulda Hospital. High sanitary standards and absence of emergency surgeries in the hospital, guarantees our patients safe and successful surgery and recovery after it.
  • All surgeries are recorded and stored in the archive of the hospital. The video would be an evidence in situation where the control of the surgeons work is necessary. This gives an additional safety to our customers.
  • Each surgery and surgeon is protected by a civil liability insurance of EUR 70 000. That means that all additional surgical interventions that have to be performed in Latvia in 6 months period after the surgery, if the surgeon is to blame about complications, would be covered by Insurance company.
  • At the end of the surgery, a contrast liquid is entered in the new gastro-intestinal system to be sure there is no leakage and everything works as expected. This helps to avoid early complication risks.

Recovery friendly atmosphere

  • The hospital is located in Sigulda – one of the most beautiful towns of Latvia in 1h drive from Riga. Sigulda is a centre of winter sports, tourism, and recreation, and attracts visitors year-round with its great natural beauty. Scenic nature views, walking trails, city centre is in few minutes walk from the hospital, offering our customers a recovery friendly and stress-free atmosphere. Hospitals’ single and double rooms are made to make patient feel like home. There is a TV, computer and wi-fi available in all rooms.