Eye prosthetics


Valters’ Prosthetic Eyes Laboratory is the only eye prosthetics company in the Baltic States. Due to high standards, longterm experience, specialist skills, knowledge and a very personal approach, the company is known wide. People from half of the world are coming to Latvia for the high quality eye prostheses. Specialists go for work also to Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine and Georgia. Ocularists work with infants from their first weeks, children, adults and seniors. Each prosthesis is an individual artistic handwork.

Valters’ Prosthetic Eyes Laboratory is entitled to work with the best quality cryolite glass materials, produced by world-known ocular material producer Augenprothetik Lauscha GmBH in Germany.

Valters’ Prosthetic Eyes Laboratory provides:

  • post operative eye prostheses from cryolite glass and from PMMA materials (so called acrylic or plastic);
  • longterm eye prostheses from cryolite glass and PMMA materials;
  • specific forms eye prostheses and spheras from cryolite glass, PMMA materials and silicone;
  • ectoprostheses of orbital area of face with artificial eyelids, lashes, part of face and artificial eye. Made from silicone, PMMA materials.

Wearing the eye prosthesis is essential!

The purpose of wearing the eye prosthesis is not only social and cosmetic. The eye prosthesis has also more essential functions, such as –

  • maintaining the shape of eyehole,
  • supporting eyelids and ensuring their functions;
  • preventing the eyelids from twisting and traumatizing the conjunctiva with lashes;
  • help in maintaining the right location of tear points and ducts;
  • protecting the eyehole from surrounding environment (dust, wind, water);
  • maintenance of facial expressions (several facial muscles are attached to the edges of orbit).

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