Orthopaedic treatment abroad

Pain in hip, knee, joint damage after a trauma that makes you suffer and restricts your movements and takes your joy of life away? Surgery at home – too long to wait or too expensive to go private? You don’t have to wait! Turn back to normal life by having surgery with professionals in Latvia!

Foot or ankle, hand or shoulder, elbow or spine, hip or knee – get professional help by world’s top level orthopaedic surgeons without waiting and at reasonable cost! We will tailor a medical treatment plan specifically for your needs. With us you can access –

  • Top level professional orthopaedic team,
  • Prompt appointment system,
  • New, modern, cozy, infection-free hospital,
  • World’s top manufacturers’ surgical device & implants,
  • Half lower costs comparing to The UK and Ireland,
  • Free meet & greet & transfers.

Save your health, time and money!

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The most modern and leading private traumatology, orthopaedics, spinal, rheumatology clinic of the Baltic states. Brings together Latvia’s best specialists in these medical fields.

The clinic works since 2008. Each year the clinic consults ~10 000 patients and performs ~2 000 operations.

Highly qualified specialists provide consultations, examinations and diagnostics, individual treatment programs, operations, postoperative care, rehabilitation.

Laminar air-flow systems are built in the operation theatres of the clinic to prevent infection risk during the surgery.

After the surgery patients enjoy stay in comfortable rooms, catering 3x a day and a kind and caring attitude of English speaking personnel.

The clinic has been a partner of the Latvian Olympic Committee for many years, taking care of Latvia’s professional sportsmen health.

High quality of treatment, personal approach and calm, recovery friendly atmosphere under control of professionals will help you turn back to active, enjoyable life!

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Orthopaedic operations performed:

  • Hip and knee replacement (full)
  • Hip resurfacing (Birmingham)
  • Knee arthroscopy, meniscectomy
  • Rotator cuff surgery, conventional & endoscopic
  • Arthroscopy – Shoulder/ Elbow/ Hand/ Foot
  • Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Repair
  • Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL) Repair
  • Recurent Shoulder dislocation Surgery, Surgical Treatment Conventional & Endoscopic
  • and other…

For information on more procedures and surgeries, please, Contact Us

The surgery package always includes also meet&greet at the Riga airport and transfers to the clinic and back at no extra charge.

What to prepare for the doctor’s consultation from a distance

We will be extra prompt in answering you after receiving some basic information and documentation like –

  • your name, surname, gender, age;
  • your complaints, diagnosis, if you have one, brief description of the problem and when did it start;
  • files or copy CD of the results of the examinations performed previously;
  • a list of medicines you are taking daily and dosage;
  • the questions, you want to ask your doctor.

If the surgeon approves you for surgery, you will receive:

  • an agreement on the conduct of the surgery;
  • anaesthesiologist’s questionnaire;
  • information on possible complications during and after the surgery;
  • information on the examinations to be performed;
  • information on the hospital’s internal rules.

You should read and sign all documents before the day of the surgery!

The payment should be done prior the surgery at the clinic. Payment cards are accepted.

After the surgery – 

  • you will be under caring control of nurses and your doctor;
  • a proper analgesic medication will be chosen by anaesthesiologist;
  • after the anaesthesia wears off, you will be offered a delicious meal;
  • the physical therapist will start working with you the same day after surgery;
  • depending on the type of surgery, further stationary rehabilitation can be recommended to you.

Please contact us for more information or to apply for the consultation!