Individually tailored rehabilitation programs


Experienced physicians – rehabilitologists develop the necessary rehabilitation programs for each customer’s individual needs. The program can be designed to treat sports injury, or for person after a stroke, or to restore and improve important functions of extremities and organs. Programs can long for a period of one week up to several months, depending on the patient’s needs and preferences.

Wide range of rehabilitation methods

  • Water Therapy. Pool, underwater massages, pearl bath, therapeutic showers, mud baths.
  • Physiotherapy exercises. Individual classes with physiotherapists. Deep knowledge and skills of specialists will help you understand and put back in the order your skeleto-muscular system.
  • Sling therapy. A method developed in Norway for strengthening the movement and balance apparatus. Sling therapy is used for stabilizing the spine and joints; improving the mobility of the spine and chest; stretching and strengthening specific muscles or muscle groups; stretching the neck, waist area, shoulders, or hips; treating movement and balance apparatus problems, head or back aches, joint arthrosis, post-traumatic conditions; and providing therapy for people with jobs that require long hours of sitting.
  • Massages. Various types.
  • Ergotherapy. Called also a work therapy. It helps patients to retrieve the ability to perform specific daily tasks that demand the use of the hands – getting dressed, eating, signing one’s name, and driving a car.
  • Physical Therapy. Procedures that take effect on the organism through the skin, breathing channels, cells, and organs, thereby reducing pain, normalizing traumatized organ functions, and heightening the organism’s powers of resistance.
  • Biofeedback. An innovative medical & psychophysiological diagnostic and physiotherapy method when individual can sense it’s body processes and make them purposefully controllable. Biofeedback, combined with other rehabilitation methods, is considered the most effective treatment of urinary incontinence. But it is also used to treat migraine, chronic back pain, sleep disorders, depressive symptoms with pain syndromes, disturbances after stroke, epilepsy, asthma and others.
  • Art and music therapy. Helps a lot to restore speech capability and emotions.
  • Exercises for Pregnant Women and infants. Water aerobics for women. A baby swimming pool. Massage and rehabilitation classes for infants.
  • Also specific specialist consultations such as – neurologist, psychologist, surgeon, urologist, gynaecologist, narcologist and others – are available during the rehabilitation program.