Rehabilitation after radical prostatectomy in men

Recommended program start up: 5-6 weeks after the surgery.

Duration: 2-3 weeks.

Rehabilitation program includes:

  • Pick up and transfers,
  • Accommodation and catering 3x a day,
  • Doctor consultations and supervision,
  • Nurse daily care,
  • Rehabilitation procedures – 5 procedures per day (6 days per week, excluding Sundays).

Rehabilitation methods:

  1. Biofeedback – a professional multifunctional equipment to improve and understand the work of pelvic muscles. Biofeedback is considered the worlds leading method in urinary incontinence treatment today. It allows the person to follow the work and improvement of every muscle. All measurements are in real numbers, making both, the patient and physician able to follow the results of the treatment plan.
  2. Kegel and other specialized exercises – the world known method in treatment of urinary incontinence.
  3. Physical therapy – bath, showers, sludge applications, EMS Ultrasound therapy.
  4. Behavioral therapy – diaries, daily meeting groups, relaxation exercises.
  5. Other procedures – back exercises, sling therapy, acupuncture, walking and gym.


14 days21 day
Patientfrom 2500 €from 3200 €
Accompanying person504 €756 €

The rehabilitation program can be slightly supplemented with open air activities and walking in Sigulda, which is one of the most beautiful cities in Latvia and provides its visitors with plenty of outdoor activities and a picturesque scenery all year long.